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Yuliia Kravchenko


Yuliia Kravchenko, is a former lecturer on “History of Ukrainian Culture” in Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and Drahomanov National Pedagogical University. Yuliia is PhD in Philosophy, and worked as a Head of the Critical Thinking Development Lab in the National Center “Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine” (JASU). She is a Trainer in the Program “Philosophy for Children” (P4c) developed by Matthew Lipman.

Yuliia is a Fulbright Visiting Scholar alumni 2021-2022 in the Department of Arts and Humanities, Teachers College, Columbia University. She completed a BA degree, MA and PhD in Philosophy with specialization in the history of Ukrainian Philosophy. All three degrees were from Kyiv National Shevchenko University. Since 2016 she worked at the National Center JASU where she organized camps for teenagers (at the national and international levels) in the following subjects: “Philosophy,” “Ukrainian Culture,” “Religion and Diplomacy,” and “Cultural Diplomacy.” In the years 2016-2021 thirty educational camps as extracurricular events were held with the participation of approximately 400 students. Dr. Kravchenko is founder and organizer of “The 1960s and the Dissident Movement: A Festival for Young People” (2017-2022), an annual event that brings together students and teachers. She initiated and organized the Philosophy Education Project for Ukrainian children and teachers “Color of Peace” (March, 2022).

Her motto is “Discover your freedom”, by Hryhoriy Skovoroda.

Olena Tanchyk


Olena Tanchyk is a former dean of the Faculty of Economics at Donetsk State University of Management (Ukraine, Mariupol city). Olena is a Ph.D. in Economics, but her passion for the English language led her to teaching English as a second language. She has extensive experience working with different age groups, including abroad. Olena is involved in such projects as the Access Microscholarship Program and English for NGOs and Civil Society; she is a facilitator of the English for Media Literacy and Very Verified, a course on media literacy projects in Ukraine. In addition, Olena was an initiator and an author of the IMPULSE project for English teachers’ skills enhancement in her community and an English teacher for the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership in the Mariupol affiliate. 

Olena is a trainer of “GoCamp” 2019, a mentor in summer language camps “GoCamp Online: Arts and Creativity” 2020, and “Ukraine is the Capital of Great People” 2022.

Tanchyk is an author of Until Every Barrier Falls online project for ESL teachers, and a co-author of the Teaching English in a Barrier-Free Space for English teachers in Ukraine and abroad which were implemented as a result of her Fulbright Research and Development Program activities with Arizona State University.

Ms Tanchyk is also a Certified Teacher Trainer (Arizona State University), an alumna of the online programs from Oregon University, University of Pennsylvania, Cape Town, and Iowa University; she studied at in-training courses at the University of Arkansas and taught at Arizona State University and the University of Arizona in 2022.

Her professional motto is “If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow” by John Dewey.

Rymma Mylenkova


Rymma Mylenkova, PhD in Education, worked as an Associate Professor at Sumy State University and is working for Lifelong Learning Center (Sumy, Ukraine). She is an art manager and the BureauArt gallery curator. Now is a Visiting Scholar and Teaching Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, Stuart Weitsman School of Design. The current realm of her professional investigation is “Community Public Art in Urban Places as a Social Development Tool”.

Her interests are education through art, issues of memory and forgetting events in modern cities, civic education through art, public art and identity, and the role of public art in the post-Soviet space.

Working both in the academic and broaden cultural environment, Ms Mylenkova is engaged in manifold international teamwork and activities such as being a general chair of the annual International scientific conference “Design Functions in Modern World”, working as an art-curator of the International Poster Competition devoted to citizenship education ‘The Art of Living Together”, curating international art projects and an art gallery.

As an artist, Rimma Mylenkova works in the technique of collage, graphics and muralism. Her approach to creating murals is to involve the community, schoolchildren, and students.

Her motto is “Make art, not war”, find beauty and art in everyday life, create and appreciate the aesthetics of your own life.

«Access Alumni program to support Civic Engagement projects in Eastern Ukraine» project is administered by the NGO «Ukrainian Center for Civic Initiatives «Svitlo» (www.gosvitlo.org.ua) with the support of the Embassy of the United States in Ukraine and the Regional English Language Office (RELO).

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